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Insights into E-Cig and Vaping Ingredients There’s a lot of information indicating that e-cigs are a safer alternative to tobacco smoking. As such, many individuals who are fed up with tobacco smoking find e-cigs a good option. But what’s known about the ingredients of the e cig liquid taken in as vapor, and are there safety concerns? Read on for information on the core ingredients in e liquids that are part of up e cigs. Nicotine Nicotine is the major element in tobacco and is also an e liquid ingredient. However, e liquid nicotine concentrations vary from product to product. If you’re vaping just to expand your smoking experience, and not necessarily because you’re trying to quit tobacco, you may choose e liquid products with as much nicotine content as you can take. But if your objective is to finally stop tobacco use, you may wish to begin with e juices containing lower proportions of nicotine until your nicotine dependency is completely eliminated. The initial e liquid nicotine concentration may be higher, but you can step by step bring them down to zero eventually.
The Essentials of Liquids – 101
Propylene Glycol
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Every e juice is made up of a medium for the delivery of all the other components, nicotine and flavors included. An example of such a medium is propylene glycol (PG). The flavor and throat hit you enjoy while vaping is carried by PG. Because PG has good flavor carrying capacity, it’s commonly used in food and candy flavoring. The substance is also present in some cosmetic merchandise, asthma inhalers, and some pharmaceuticals. Therefore, PG is not bad to inhale. Vegetable Glycerin Vegetable glycerin (VG) is the other popular medium for the transmission of flavor in e juices. This medium plays an important role in vapor production, and an increase in VG levels results in a surge in vapor production, though with possibly reduced throat hit intensity. If you’re torn between VG and PG, just know that the former does not have excellent flavor carrying properties as the latter (this depends, though, as VG may carry certain flavors very well). Additionally, VG has a sweet taste, which can, to a small degree, impede the original taste of flavors used in your e juice. Flavoring Elements Of all e liquid constituents, flavors are the most diverse, and your choice depends on your preferences and style. A wide range of flavors utilized in e juices are safe according to the FDA, so, there’s no cause for alarm as far as health is concerned. The flavoring elements differ from brand to brand, and they usually come in mixtures. They may include strawberry, menthol, guava etc. Now you know what’s in the e cig vapor you’re inhaling with great satisfaction.