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Vietnamese Cruises along Ha Long Bay.

Ha Long Bay is situated in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. It is an astonishing water body that was awarded World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Forming part of Bac Bo Gulf on the west coast, Ha Long Bay is on the northeastern side of Vietnam. It borders Cat Ba island on the southwest. The shore is on the west with a coastline that is 120 km long. The Bay stretches along an area of 600 mi2 (Squared miles) and has a total of 1600 islands, which makes it a beautiful place for travel and cruises. The cruise on Ha Long is 8 hours long with manual and motorized boats for group and private travelers.

While on the cruise, you pass through beautiful spots such as Ngon Tay, Ba Hang Fishing Village, Cho Da, and Lu Huong. The trip includes a visit to the astounding Sung Sot Cave. From Sung Sot Cave, the trip goes on to Ti Top island where tourists enjoy hiking on the hill with unbelievable views of the bay or kayaking. Along the cruise, you get to enjoy sea food, and many Vietnamese dishes served onboard. Sea food and delicious Vietnamese dishes are available onboard the cruise.
A cruise along the bay at night is a must. You can take amazing pictures and enjoy spectacular views from the deck of your boat or your kayak. You can also enjoy swimming the calm and clear waters of the ocean. Cat Ba island within Ha Long has a mixture forests, hills, valleys and caves that have mysterious facts about it.

On the northeastern part of Ha Long Bay lies Bai Tu Long Bay, which is equally beautiful as its neighbor Ha Long Bay. Bai Tu has unexplored islands to tour as it is still a young tourist destination. Bai Tu Long Bay does not have a lot of tourist activity which makes it more attractive and harmonious. A distinctive feature of Bai Tu Long Bay is Ba Mun island in which is Bai Tu Long National Park.
The best way to cruise Ha Long Bai Tu Long bays is by cruise. Travel agencies around the area give boat trips with charges beginning at 300,000 VND (Vietnam Dong) per hour. For 5 hours on Bai Tu Long Bay, the cruise costs approximately 13 USD.
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If you are planning a Vietnam tour, be sure to include these destinations in your itinerary. There are priceless Ha Long Bay cruises with packages recommended for all tourist types. Whether it’s a family vacation or a honeymoon break, a classic Vietnam tour surely fits the bill. The many Ha Long crises include Bhaya cruises, Paradise cruises, Red dragon cruises, Jasmine cruises, Ginger cruises, Violet cruises, Paloma and Emotion cruises. These different cruises ensure that your holiday in Vietnam is one to remember.Smart Tips For Uncovering Travels