How Vail Valley Dental Care Protects The Teeth And Gums

In Colorado, dentists provide patients with the building blocks of oral care and hygiene. They provide patients with steps needed to keep bacteria and plaque off their teeth and gums. They also instruct patients in the best practices to lower their risks of diseases such as periodontal disease. The following are details about how vail valley dental care protects the teeth and gums.

Basic Assessments for Teeth and Gums

The dentist provides basic assessments for the teeth and gums each year. They also provide these services if a patient sustains damage or experiences pain or discomfort. The dentist reviews the teeth and gums to determine if the patients have any existing conditions that threaten their oral health. This also includes common forms of cancer that affect the mouth. These assessments include x-ray services to evaluate underlying conditions that could lead to tooth damage.

Diagnosing Major Issues

The doctor can acquire a tissue sample when the patient is at risk of oral cancer. They will send the sample to a lab for proper testing. The dentist will also diagnose any masses or tumors that are discovered in the mouth. They can also perform assessments to determine if cancer has spread to other portions of the neck or face.

Correcting the Alignment

The dentist can also correct alignment issues. These issues are addressed through the installation of braces in most cases. The patients have a choice between metal or ceramic braces. If their alignment issue is mild, they could acquire Invisalign. If the alignment issue is limited to a small section of teeth, the dentist can use veneers to correct this condition.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are addressed through a variety of techniques. If the patient is missing all their teeth, dentures are a viable option. If they are missing only a few teeth, the patient may receive dental implants.

In Colorado, dentists provide essential skills needed to manage proper oral care. These services include examinations, cleaning, and instructions for proper brushing and flossing. These services can also address more complex issues including oral cancer. Patients who need assistance from a local dentist schedule an appointment right now.