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The Great Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea may be regarded as a household word as everyone has most likely heard something about it at some time or another in the last few years. All this talk is a result of the terrific health benefits you might gain by taking this tea every day. In case you’ve discovered some things about this tea, then you may not have heard about the health benefits of this tea. Even though the health benefits of green tea go back to centuries ago, it’s just in this last decade they’ve attracted the attention of the scientific community.

Every person needs more energy, and a brain boost every day. This energy and cognitive boost has to come from a natural ingredient that will also provide you with some extra things as well. When you incorporate this tea in your everyday diet, you’ll find an immediate increase in how much energy you’ll have. This tea comprises up to 4 percent caffeine within an 80mg cup serving. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system of the brain as well as offering that return on your clarity of thinking. If you are trying to lose weight healthily, then you need to drink this tea. It functions as a diuretic, and it’ll make it possible for you to have a helping hand in shedding the fluids which can assist you in keeping those extra pounds. Green tea has a high concentration of polyphenols and catechin, substances which have been shown to increase the metabolism thus making the body burn more fat.

Green tea has a high concentration of anti-oxidants which are great for fighting free radicals which can cause damage to the body cells and can result in cancer. The most important is the effective antioxidant named Epigallocatechin Gallate (EPPG) that has been proven to stop cancer cell growth without affecting the healthy cells. This is the one that gives many of the health benefits of green tea.

While it is popular for numerous health benefits, green tea or Ashitaba tea is quite popular as the supplement that helps in promoting the overall health and helped the immune system of the human body and its capacity to defend the body against free radicals. Studies have revealed that the while risk of some cancers like breast, prostate, and stomach might be lowered, it is best at lowering the risk of colon cancer. But, it’s critical to know that research into the properties which reduce cancer is still ongoing and that there’s yet to be a definitive study on the ability of green tea to lower the risk of cancer.

Green tea also has bacteria-destroying properties that can aid in killing the bacteria that lead to dental plaque.