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What Copper-Infused Compression Garments Can Do for You

When it comes to pain relief, there is a variety of products available in the market including copper-infused compression garments. Whether your injury came from playing sports, doing household chores, or working at the office, copper compression garments can give you the support and relief you need so you can accomplish your daily routines.

For those who are learning about copper compression garments for the first time, here is what you need to know. Copper compression clothing is an array of apparel with compression points that are meant to support muscles while they are moving, and relieve aches and pains while they are recovering. Copper is applied to the fabric because of its strong antimicrobial properties. It is a line of specially designed sports apparel consisting of shirts, socks, knee and elbow sleeves, leggings, and even gloves for reducing the inflammation caused by arthritis.

The use of copper compression garments has helped athletes significantly whether in training or in competitions. The primary advantages of compression sportswear is its ability to keep the muscles warm to ward off fatigue and strain, and wick perspiration away from the body to prevent irritations and rashes. Athletes and non-athletes, alike, can also benefit from the other ways copper compression outfits can reduce soreness and boost recovery.

While it is somewhat expected for jocks who push themselves every day to experience some discomfort or suffer injuries, the same thing can happen to those who just stay at home or go to school or work. Hip, back, knee or elbow injuries are common to everyone and are usually dealt with through powerful pain medications or even surgery for the most drastic cases. Copper compression garments are not intended to replace medical care but they can be worn over the affected area to improve blood circulation that helps abate pain and rigidness in the joints, and promotes healing and faster recovery time.

The use of copper compression socks is also a good way to avoid injury on the limbs or joints, or support them if they’re hurt. Doctors have recommended compression socks and compression stockings for many years now to improve circulation in the lower legs, ankles and feet. By adding copper to the compression wear, the compression garment’s anti-inflammatory abilities are actually enhanced.

It is welcomed news for those who are rendered disable by arthritis. Hand arthritis is characterized by instant pain and inflammation. If it progresses, the use of the muscles in one’s hand can be lost. This is where arthritis gloves come in to complement the medical interventions. The gloves are fashioned to improve hand mobility and decrease pain and swelling. Once worn, they provide immediate relief from arthritic pain and are breathable and lightweight.