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What to Expect When You Join Women’s Retreats? When you have a retreat with your fellow women, you are most definitely guaranteed to get something good out of it. Since years ago, there have already been a lot of women who have joined different kinds of retreats. It has been found out for years that retreats with only women as participants are the most fruitful and the most moving compared with others. There are six major benefits women’s retreats are able to give their women participants, and some of these will be discussed later. Women in such retreats are made to value sisterhood; being a sister means you help your fellow sister at whatever cost and you also able to touch other women’s hearts. Women are much more capable of understanding each other. Women are more able to empathize with their fellow women, most especially if the same kind of experiences are shared. No further explanation is needed to understand this. Once women go on a retreat together, such bond is made more clear which then enables more healing. They go in as strangers and after the retreat they are sisters. Self-care: It is said that those people who do not know how to love themselves do not know what love means. Women are known to be number one nurturers all over the world. The challenge, however, boils down to the woman being able to give herself the compassionate, nurturing, and loving qualities. Self-care, or being able to take care of oneself, is greatly emphasized by women’s retreats as something that is out of necessity and not out of selfishness. Such retreats make sure that the women are satisfied with their well-being so that they will realize that it will be beneficial to other people’s well-being. Solitude: Having your own inner space is very important for your own well-being. The term ‘alone’ actually originated from the Greeks that mean ‘all one’. Spending some quality time all by yourself is one way to help you discover the true you. This may imply that you have to get away from the environment and relationships you are familiar with. You are most definitely going to rekindle with your true self once you decide to go on a retreat somewhere unfamiliar.
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Spirituality: Such retreats also make sure that women are able to get in touch with their spiritual selves. Spirituality is life’s day-by-day process, and it is an essential when it comes to having retreats. Taking a spiritual journey helps one obtain the healing she greatly needs. Spiritual commitment is renewed and replenished once women go on a retreat together and create a safe zone for themselves.
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Silence: Listening to oneself does not always require talking, it sometimes requires silence. Women are only able to know what is really inside of their hearts if they take the time to be silent. When you join a retreat and take the time for silence, you can write on your journal to understand you deepest thoughts. Get into a retreat now, and you are most definitely going to feel more fulfilled and ready to face the world after the whole process.