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Beauty consumers will never be the same.

On the heels of a global health crisis and social uprising demanding true justice for all, everything from how we buy to what we expect from the brands we use has been permanently altered.

“We’ve been seeing remarkable behavior changes across so many categories as a result of the pandemic, and beauty is no exception,” says Kristopher Hull, senior vice president, senior client officer at Ipsos.

“The pandemic has had an impact on what [people] buy, where they buy it, their openness to new brands,” he continues. “Also, it’s having an impact on how they think about shopping after the pandemic eases up and as the economies reopen.”

As confinement is being rolled back in countries around the world, people’s appearance remains important to them. Just under 60 percent of those recently polled worldwide by Mintel

The best deals from Apple, Shark, New Balance, Bose and lots more


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Mind-blowing tech deals abound this weekend. (Photo: Amazon)
Mind-blowing tech deals abound this weekend. (Photo: Amazon)

If you’ve been holed up for a while, it’s time to pop your head above ground—this weekend brings fantastic discounts on everything from home appliances to tech to summer clothes. Now’s the chance to get back into gear and save a fortune in the process.

Need a new robovac? Teeth-whitening set? Sodastream? Retailers from Amazon to Nordstrom to Best Buy are clearing out inventory, so there are incredible deals to be had right now.

We’re talking mark-downs like never before. Case in point: Apple AirPods Pro at the lowest price we’ve seen. There are also massive summer clearance sales at Zappos and DSW, plus deep discounts to

Here’s Why You Should Always Use Conditioner, According to the Experts


Until recently, I believed conditioner to be the backbone of one’s hair-care routine. It’s always served as the no-brainer, post-shampoo step that softens and smooths your strands after cleansing. But when a renowned hairstylist dubbed it virtually useless during my latest cut, it made me want to investigate (aka mass-email every expert I know). The aforementioned stylist is of the mindset that conditioner really doesn’t provide much benefit at all — rather, it weighs the hair down — and that diet, stress management, and genetics are the sole factors contributing to a healthy head of hair.

What you put in your body 100 percent matters (the more leafy greens the better!) and, of course, countless doctors have belabored the significance of both stress and genetics when it comes to hair, but regular conditioner use had always seemed fundamental as well. Turns out, that’s because it is. Conditioner is important

When will nail and beauty salons open again?

London Grace
London Grace

Boris Johnson has announced lockdown measures would be easing in the UK with some businesses reopening from July 4 , but what does that mean for your raggedy cuticles?

While some grooming services such as hairdressers and barbers will be allowed to open up to customers with safety measures in place, a whole host of other beauty and leisure services have not been given the green light.

The Prime Minister said the Government has to be sure that companies can open their doors to the public in a Covid-safe way.

Let’s take a look at when you can book your long overdue manicure.

In Texas, US, nail bars started slowly reopening in May (AFP via Getty Images)
In Texas, US, nail bars started slowly reopening in May (AFP via Getty Images)

When will nail salons reopen?

Nail salons were not on the list of Government approved businesses reopening on July 4.

At the moment there is no confirmed date on when they

21 of the Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos That Cleanse Hair Without Stripping Moisture


Shampoos are a necessity. While the frequency with which you use them depends on your hair type, we can all agree that the shampoo you use should actually be good for your hair. For many people, that means using formulas without silicones, parabens, or — and this seems to be a big one for folks — sulfates. Over the years, there’s been much chatter about sulfates in shampoos and their supposedly harsh effects. But are they really as damaging as they’re made out to be?

“The bad rap started in the ’70s, when some shampoos contained ethanolamine lauryl sulfates that released carcinogenic nitrosamines,” says New York City board-certified dermatologist Neil Sadick. “At the time, manufacturers took corrective action, but ever since, sulfates were associated with health risks.” Sadick adds that the FDA, European Union, and Health Canada have all reached a consensus that [the sulfates currently in

SBA Releases New EZ PPP Loan-Forgiveness Application


Needless to say, it’s been a roller coaster ride for business owners over the past couple of months understanding how to navigate the CARES Act, but there are now signs the ride may be coming to an end.

On Wednesday of this week, the Small Business Administration (SBA) released a revised, and hopefully a final, forgiveness application for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), including a new EZ application that appears many business owners may qualify for.

Also, just the day before, the SBA issued a new Final Interim Rule with guidance for determining payroll costs and owner compensation forgiveness under the new 24-week covered period.

These new rules and procedures were in response to the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act of 2020 that became law on June 5. The biggest changes in that law being the extension of the eight weeks to a new 24-week covered period, and a reduction