Ejuice or sometimes, alternatively named e-liquid exposes you to the world of vaping wherein you can inhale & exhale vapor in the same as through Cigarettes, without damaging your lungs, perhaps. It is for you to understand the basic difference between smoking and vaping. People wonder as to what e-juice contains within which is atomized into vapor like smoking it that they get same pleasure and relaxation as in smoking.


E-juices does not have plethora of ingredients such as in Cigarettes which contain more than 3500 chemicals in their final product. E-juice or e-liquid is having five or more ingredients, varying composition of base mix, between different manufacturers. However, for basic understanding about e-juices, two ingredients can be considered to be main or important aspects of its effects, which are used in food products widely. They are vegetable glycerin, propylene glycerin, flavors, nicotine and distilled water. Both the main ingredients are non-toxic.

The ejuice base makes up to about 90 percent of all e-liquid and its composition in normal case is mostly of vegetable glycerin or a mix of it and to some extent, others. Vegetable glycerin is a safe content with use in all types of food and personal health care products such as toothpaste. Common ratios of mix are ranging from cent percent of it to, 50 percent with rest 50% by propylene glycol or major content as vegetable glycerin to the extent of 80% vegetable glycerin and rest 20 percent being propylene glycol. The mix may also be customized to your needs. As regards propylene glycol, it is next ingredient which forms the base of e-juice. It is a solvent that has its various uses in all things. It is mainly widely known for its usage in fog machines. Since, the usage of its mix is mainly for producing thick clouds of vapor, you may consider an available e-juice without its contents since inhaling of it has some side effects also. Propylene glycerin can cause dry throat and even mild allergic reaction.

So if you have some allergic symptoms, you must avoid its use in e-juices. Rest (other than base) of 10% is generally ingredients such as flavors and a very mild portion as nicotine. You must ensure that flavorings are of food-grade quality in e-juices. Such flavors are widely used in baking and candy manufacturing. Nicotine level may also be of your choice and you can avoid nicotine in e-juices. You can choose nicotine content up to 2.4% in e-liquid, depending upon strength. You must ensure pharmaceutical grade pure nicotine, if you are set to use it in e-juices. Distilled water is also used to dilute e-liquid if required and needed.

It important to choose the best quality juice and you can easily get cheap ejuice without compromising on the quality of the ingredients that are being used in the juice. Although it is advisable to little research before buying the stuff so that you can easily put the hands downs on the right product and you will have superior vaping experience as well.

Exposing you to the world of Ejuice