Presidential candidate of 2008, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton, is no figure to mess with. This strong character was the first woman to be nominated in major presidential elections. It was a tight call between the current President Barack Obama during the final elections, making her the 67th United States Secretary of State under the Obama administrations at the age of 61. She was also a former First Lady as she is married to former president Bill Clinton, who is the 42nd President of the United States. Also adding to her powerful resume, she was a former Senator for New York.

To the public’s eyes, matching conservative pantsuits and solid colors are her personal favorite in this political leader’s wardrobe. Perhaps her sense of style is something people would take notice of. There is even a free online game called Dress Up Hillary that focuses on just that. In the game, you get to decide what she should wear for her next speech to connect to the people for the presidential elections for 2008. The intention is that a democratic makeover should be given to the character, making her appear more the people-person she is. After that, people can share their finished character with their friends over Facebook. While some people may poke fun, Dress Up Hillary can actually be a statement of how the citizens would like to have Hillary dressed up.Yet, during her daughter’s pre-wedding dinner recently, this political leader threw her trademark look aside for the night, and showed that she can rule even the red carpet if she had the intention to. Dressed in a plunging V-neck green chiffon maxi dress, she looked stunning and simply fabulous. Perhaps on the usual days, she wants to maintain a professional character where she can be judged as a person, and not for her style. But it just seems that no one would forget her for that glamorous look that night. At this time Romania also immediately organized this routine event. Presidential elections held in 2019 will be the determination of the fate of the Romanian people in the next 10 years. Is this new president will provide a public hospital in every place, or also provide Reforma Impozite si Taxe which relieve its citizens throughout the region.

Hillary All Dressed Up