Many women and even some men, dream of having a set of beautiful full lips. When searching for information about lip injections, people will find that there are different methods and procedures used to create the desired look of plump, healthy and sensual lips.


The cost of lip injections varies by clinic and procedure. The prices can be anywhere from $300 — $5000 and when one is looking to alter the appearance of the face, it is best to spend as much as you can afford, so you can be certain that you are satisfied with the results. Healing and recovery times also vary, though surprisingly this procedure will not leave the patient in a lot of pain after it is completed.

Your specialist will probably give you a prescription for pain medicine, though most say that they only experience a mild discomfort lasting between 1 to 2 days. Swelling and bruising will last longer, but healing time should only last three days — one week. To help quicken the disappearance of swelling, ice packs are used for the first 48 hours.

The lip injection procedure uses either fillers or implants. Fillers are a temporary solution in creating fuller lips. The filler is injected into the lip to therefore increasing the lip size. Some fillers that are used include Fascia, Dermalogen, Autologen, Collagen and fat. The specialists at Dr Saras & Co Sydney take extreme care when injecting these fillers because each patient’s lip size and texture are different, and the patient will have their own preference for the desired outcome.

The choice of fillers between candidates and specialists alike are collagen or fat. When using collagen, the filler is injected in the corner of the mouth and other areas within the lip region. If a fat injection is wanted, the specialist will give anaesthesia to the area where the fat will be taken from. A suction device is used to remove the fat from the area; then the fat can be injected into the lips. The patient will most likely experience some swelling and bruising which will fade away in a short amount of time.


For a patient looking for a more permanent procedure, they can select grafting. Grafting is where incisions are made on the corners of the lips, and then implants are inserted. The advantage of implants is that they stay in place and do not shrink over time. Recovery time for grafting can take 1-2 weeks and lips may feel stiff for about 2-3 months.

Before you receive any kind of lip augmentation procedure, you will visit the specialist for an initial consultation. During this time you will discuss your options, what you want and go over medical history.

Be sure to mention if you are taking any medications, if you suffer from allergies, or if you are prone to excessive scarring like keloids. As with all medical procedures, there are risks involved; being detailed and open with your specialist can greatly reduce any risk when getting lip injections.

How to Get Perfect Lips