I play a lot of games online in my spare time. Some of them are shooters where you just log in and have fun while trying to eliminate the competition. They usually trash talk you for doing so, but that’s all fun. There are other times when I like to get a sports kick by playing an online football game. Again, the competition likes to trash talk other people. For Poker88 is what I usually use. I’ve been using the website for a while and I like how clean it looks and how many people there are to play against at a given time.

The problem of trash talk doesn’t seem to exist in in the same way that it does in a lot of other games. Since is a more about keeping your cool and not letting your opponents know too much about what you have, saying too much, even if it’s trash talk, can give an opponent an idea of what kind of hand you’re dealing with and how you plan to play the rest of the game. Sometimes the ones who boast the most are the ones that have nothing but bad cards and want everyone to think that they’re holding something amazing. I’ve tried that trick a few times and it doesn’t always work.

My tactic in is just to sit back and let the cards do all of the work. I figure that my opponents will be their own undoing. Give a person enough time and they will show everything to you without revealing a single card in their hand. There’s just something about human nature that compels people to make their hands known, even if they don’t realize that it’s happening. Right now I have a 25 game winning streak on the website.

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