London has just 24 new coronavirus cases a day


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Fewer than 24 people are catching coronavirus each day in London, new modelling suggests, with forecasts predicting the virus could be wiped out in the capital within a fortnight.

Analysis by Public Health England and Cambridge University calculates that the “R” reproduction rate has fallen to 0.4 in London, with the number of new cases halving every 3.5 days.

If cases continue to decrease at the current rate, the virus will be virtually eliminated in the capital by the end of the month, raising questions about whether the strict lockdown measures would need to continue.

On March 23, at the peak of contagion when lockdown was announced, 213,000 people a day caught the virus in London, according to the research.

That fell dramatically as soon as restrictions were brought in, tumbling below 10,000 by April 7. The number of deaths is halving roughly

the beauty products to know about this week


There has been a seismic shift in our lives over the last couple of months (anyone else suffering from the seven-week itch this week?)

The worlds which we’d carefully constructed and designed have been very much upended and share only a semblance of similarity with the way things once were.

But while we may still be treading lightly in unchartered territory, it would appear that we’re at least showing a vested interest in looking after ourselves, as newly-released figures show that health and beauty sales saw a vertiginous increase of 82 per cent in the month of April. If ever we needed an explanation as to what many of the great British public are getting up to at this time, it would seem that indulging and caring for our mind, body and soul are very much front runners. Or perhaps we’re just trying to whip our misbehaving skin into shape.

Superdrug removes all plastic from its tampon applicators


Superdrug has removed all plastic from its own-brand tampons and launched a new range of organic menstrual products.

It is the first health and beauty retailer to make the move in the UK, following in the footsteps of supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Aldi in its decision to stop producing plastic applicators.

The change to Superdrug’s products will save over 418kg of plastic each year. The brand will use cardboard applicators to replace the plastic varieties, alongside offering non-applicator tampons.

The retailer joined forces with environmental activist Ella Daish to work on the new initiative, who has been campaigning for companies and governments to remove plastic from women’s sanitary products.

Danish, the founder of the #EndPeriodPlastic movement, told The Independent: “It is fantastic that Superdrug have listened to the campaign and responded by not only stopping the production of their plastic applicators, but also developing and launching their own

Influencers dealing with increased online harassment during coronavirus lockdowns


Influencers have always been privy to online harassment, but many say that they’ve been receiving more hateful, violent messages than usual over the past few months while people stay home to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“The harassment has gotten worse, 100%, since lockdowns began,” Erim Kaur, a lifestyle and beauty influencer, told NBC News. “People call me ugly, fat, fake. They say all sorts of horrible things about me and my family and threaten us and you feel powerlessness against it, because they keep making new accounts.”

Kaur said she and three other U.K.-based influencers made a specific group chat to provide support to one another against the influx of insults and harassment they’d started receiving when stay-at-home orders were first established. She also hired a lawyer to help her track threats last month.

Margaret Hemenway, a YouTuber, posted a video titled “Ways to Stop Bullying/Online Harassment (My

Significance of Cannabis In Contemporary World


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Over the years, the cannabis industry has initiated the process of making itself a functioning and a respected part of our society. Realizing that cannabis has many more positive impacts on its side when compared to its few negative impacts, a number of countries have either already made cannabis legal within their boundaries such as Canada or are in the process of making it legal such as the United States of America. Leading with example, Michigan in the United States have made the production, distribution and consumption of cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes completely legal. After this decision, the demand for cannabis seeds in Westland have soared along with other cities in the state, and also the availability of cannabis seeds in Westland, Detroit along with other cities has also improved and is in a much better position when compared to the earlier years. Here are a few …

Resep Sup Sayuran – Sup Jamur


Hal yang paling saya sukai dari sup jamur adalah teksturnya yang creamy. Tidak ada yang lebih baik daripada mangkuk hangat yang akan menghangatkan Anda selama periode musim hujan ini. Ini adalah salah satu resep sup sayur dan jamur saya yang lebih sederhana dan dalam dua langkah mudah Anda dapat menikmati hidangan yang nyaman ini dengan sepotong besar roti coklat! Banyak orang mengatakan mereka lebih suka ini daripada kebanyakan resep sup jamur jadi saya sarankan Anda mencobanya. Lalu bagaimana dengan anak-anak yang tidak suka makan sayuran? Lihat cara anak susah makan sayur untuk informasi yang lebih lengkap.


500g (1lb jamur)

1 siung bawang putih

2 bawang cincang

Mentega 90g (3oz)

2 sendok makan tepung

1 liter (1 setengah liter) kaldu ayam

Setengah cangkir krim

1 daun salam

1 setangkai thyme

Ini adalah salah satu cara tercepat untuk menyiapkan resep sup jamur yang akan memakan waktu sekitar 20-25 menit untuk dimasak.…