R29 Staff On The Non-Luxury ‘Luxury’ Items Making Self-Isolation Much Nicer


Self-isolation can feel strange and unsettling, which is why we’re all turning to comfort, from warming home cooking to spending hours on Zoom with our friends and family. Whether your safety net of choice is binge-watching a familiar TV show or eating triple-chocolate fudge ice cream, surrounding yourself with things […]

Self-isolation can feel strange and unsettling, which is why we’re all turning to comfort, from warming home cooking to spending hours on Zoom with our friends and family. Whether your safety net of choice is binge-watching a familiar TV show or eating triple-chocolate fudge ice cream, surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good is an easy way to cheer yourself up in these uncertain times.

If you’ve already made your way through every episode in the Buffy back catalogue, then we have another suggestion of how to make yourself feel more positive. Being stuck inside the same four walls all day can cause stress and anxiety, and taking the time to make your space feel like a sanctuary can be an instant morale-booster.

We aren’t talking about a full-scale 60 Minute Makeover, simply one or two things that can easily be added to your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom to help you feel a bit more settled in your space. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of working from home but for those who do, little things like a zen-inducing scented candle or cosy pair of pyjamas can make self-isolation that much nicer.

Click through the following slides to see the non-luxury items making the R29 team’s homes feel a little bit more luxurious right now…

Georgia Murray, Junior Fashion Editor

I thought my sock drawer consisted solely of training socks for running, grippy socks for barre, and plain black multipack socks to go in every pair of Dr. Martens I own. ‘Fancy’ and ‘fun’ are not words associated with the sock department in my house. But when wearing shoes is no longer a necessity, and your feet get cold padding around the house, it’s time to up the ante! Enter Lazy Oaf: bringing a triple threat of comfort, warmth and humour to my tootsies. This sad/happy pair was a gift but got relegated to the back of my drawer to be used as bed socks. Now, though, they take pride of place. Perfectly reflecting my fluctuating mental state, I’m going to invest in the blanket, too.

Lazy Oaf Flower Bed Twisted Yarn Socks, $, available at Lazy Oaf

Jacqueline Kilikita, Beauty Editor

When you’re washing your hands a lot more than usual, a bougie hand soap really does make all the difference. This one, Tea Tonique, is from Miller Harris’ new recyclable bath and body collection and smells like heaven. It’s fresh and zingy, lathers up a treat and doesn’t leave hands parched or prune-like.

Miller Harris Tea Tonique, $, available at Escentual

Anna Jay, Art Director

This candle is the only non-essential thing I have bought since self-isolation began. It’s a repeat buy and with the last one running out I bought one for myself, my mum and my mum-in-law for Mother’s Day to make their isolation just that bit more enjoyable, too. The scent is amazing and it’s made from soy wax, so no nasty paraffin fumes. I’ve also pledged to support only local businesses as far as possible at the moment to help them through the tough times.

SELF CARE CO. Vetiver, Cedarwood + Bergamot Natural Soy Candle, $, available at Frankly

Meg O’Donnell, Junior Art Editor

All I am currently in need of is wine, PJs and my diffuser – oh, and my husband for company, I suppose. My Muji diffuser has been a godsend for de-stressing us in the evenings after a day of absorbing the stress and worry of the news. We have stocked up on some essential oils too, and while we’re sticking to lavender right now, this Muji ‘Calming and Relaxing’ set also includes mandarin, bergamot and ylang ylang. Our flat is so zen right now.

Muji Essential Oil Set, $, available at Muji

Sadhbh O’Sullivan, Health & Living Writer

I got a set of pyjamas from Muji for my birthday in February and they’ve become an integral part of my self-isolating routine. I have promised myself that I will only get into my pyjamas whenever the daily news briefing from the government is on at 5pm, so I can feel comfortable as I deal with how the government is handling the pandemic, but don’t wear them while I’m working all day. They are so soft and the perfect divide between indoor clothes and sleeping clothes.

Muji Side Seamless Double Gauze Pyjama, $, available at Muji

Kristine Romano, Photo & Design Assistant

I have had this gua sha facial tool for a while now but it has especially come in handy during self-isolation. Since I no longer have a morning commute, I find that I have time for a more mindful morning routine, which often includes using this tool. Not only is it a super relaxing way to start my day (in what is otherwise a very stressful and anxiety-inducing time), it also helps relieve a lot of the tension I carry in my face, neck and even shoulders!

rosenice Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool, $, available at Amazon

Alicia Lansom, Editorial Assistant

When I say I normally pay zero attention to my hair, I mean it. But self-isolation has changed me for the better and I am now intent on having the most hydrated, Insta-worthy locks in all the land. This mask is helping me on my mission and it also makes me feel like I am at an expensive hair salon (which is nice when you can’t leave the house). Infused with shea butter, coconut, fig, linseed and argan oil, it smells like a tropical island getaway and leaves hair feeling soft and nourished. Slather from roots to ends, sit for 10 minutes mentally planning the trips you’re going to take once this is all over, then rinse.

Coco & Eve Super Nourishing Coconut & Fig Hair Masque, $, available at Cult Beauty

Jess Commons, Lifestyle Director

I actually bought this as part of my fiancé’s birthday present (love to other Aries babies spending their birthdays inside) as we’re doing SO much cooking at the moment and neither of us has purchased a kitchen knife since we both bought the basic IKEA student set over a decade ago. I bought this knife based on reviews and what seemed to be good value for money (although what do I know, I haven’t bought a knife in 10 years). Finding it’s possible to slice veg super duper easily without injuring ourselves has been a delightful revelation. Making evening meals has become far and away our new favourite part of these strange days. 

Chef’s Path Kitchen Knife, $, available at Amazon

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