A State-by-State Guide to When Beauty Supply Stores Will Reopen After the Coronavirus

Professional makeup brushes set and tools.
Professional makeup brushes set and tools.

Just a few months after the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) brought everyday life to a halt, dozens of states are introducing plans to reopen their economies. That includes reopening certain businesses like nail salons, hair salons, and beauty retailers that were forced to temporarily close their doors back in March in order to slow the spread of the virus.

The state of certain nonessential retailers is largely dependent on where they are located, and while many are still grappling with having limited access to hairstylists and other beauty professionals, the question still remains on where beauty supply stores fall into the equation. Ahead, we’ve compiled a state-by-state breakdown of when you can expect these retail stores to open their doors again as stay-at-home orders slowly begin to lift around the country.


After the state’s stay-at-home order expired on April 30, Alabama adopted

I’m 45, and These Beauty Products Make My Skin Glow Like Crazy


A decade ago, the term aging was practically a swear word. To ask a woman her age was (and, who knows, still might be) among the most tasteless questions anyone could utter. We’ve come a long way since then, but the truth is that our culture is still woefully youth-obsessed. Don’t get us wrong: Progress has been made. Among the many areas of the beauty industry that have changed for the better is the newfound sense of community and conversation dedicated to sharing the products and practices we’re each using to stay looking our best for longer. No longer are women hoarding their skincare secrets under lock and key. We’re sharing, we’re learning, and best of all, more than ever, we’re prioritizing healthy, happy skin and bodies over all else.

Enter Catherine McCord, author and founder of family-friendly, health-conscious food community Weelicious. Not only is the 45-year-old mother

the beauty products to know about this week


There has been a seismic shift in our lives over the last couple of months (anyone else suffering from the seven-week itch this week?)

The worlds which we’d carefully constructed and designed have been very much upended and share only a semblance of similarity with the way things once were.

But while we may still be treading lightly in unchartered territory, it would appear that we’re at least showing a vested interest in looking after ourselves, as newly-released figures show that health and beauty sales saw a vertiginous increase of 82 per cent in the month of April. If ever we needed an explanation as to what many of the great British public are getting up to at this time, it would seem that indulging and caring for our mind, body and soul are very much front runners. Or perhaps we’re just trying to whip our misbehaving skin into shape.