What’s kept cases officially at zero in these 200 counties?


In just four months, the deadly COVID-19 virus has infiltrated every state and major U.S. city. But a scattering of remote counties continue without a single reported case, according to a USA TODAY analysis.

As of May 15, a total of 231 of 3,143 counties had no reported cases.

The list is getting shorter by the day, though. In the first half of May alone, 40 counties went from zero recorded cases of the virus to at least one.

Georgia started the month with two zero-case counties. Now there is none. Tennessee also had two counties with no reported cases on May 1; two weeks later, only one remained. Iowa went from eight counties with no cases to only four by mid-May.

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Counties where there are no reported cases of COVID-19*

The long stretch without coronavirus cases in some counties likely reflects