How Beliefs and Paradigm, is very decisive once in life and human life, so it’s something that actually has value and energy that are beneficial to humans, can be changed into something destructive, kill and destroy human dignity itself because belief and Paradigm human itself. As the benefits of a tree or plant Cannabis these benefits actually have very, very large and has a very high value for glory,

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the benefits of the cannabis plant as follows: Enabling the whole-cell system, nourish the body and soul, including the cure of all diseases, educate the intellectual, emotional and spiritual, for the effective use of the right brain, is very useful for research and assessment of science and technology, is useful to generate natural energy unconscious, beneficial to unlock the secrets of the subconscious power of the all-powerful, useful to restore the true identity of the Humanity. However, due to the negative human beliefs and paradigms so that leaves this immortality becomes forbidden.

– Marijuana be the last alternative, or the ultimate weapon when sedatives, including barbiturates were not able to make people with schizophrenia can not sleep, in addition to the injection of an anesthetic.

– Marijuana is the best medicine for people with mental disorders, when it was going to relapse.

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Understanding and Benefits of Marijuana